About Us

Complete Pest Control for your Home

Since 1960 the Borden name has been synonymous with pest control. Now with thousands of homes under our care, Borden is a leading Pest Control company for the region and we specialize in the nuisance pests of South Carolina and Georgia. We provide services for all pests inside and out. Be it common household pests like roaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, fleas and ticks, or the occasional invaders such as crickets, pill bugs and millipedes, we have convenient and effective solutions for your home.

The Party is Over for the Roaches

They can live anywhere, their ability to adapt to the environment is the secret to their success. They've had over 300 million years to practice. But they really prefer the warmth and moisture that a home provides, any home. They're not particular and their flat, compressed body shape makes it easy for them to slip in unnoticed. Besides the embarrassment of their presence, roaches also present very real health hazards as transmitters of disease. They are known to transmit at least 13 diseases, including typhoid, dysentery, allergies, hepatitis and even common food poisoning. These are nocturnal party goers who love human food and scraps, they will feed on almost any available food source. By the time you spot the first roach, you may be faced with an invasion. To enhance the size of their party, roaches simply reproduce. Like most uninvited guests, roaches don't know when to leave. Call Borden to eliminate them. Our insect growth regulators will help prevent their reproduction, cutting their party to an invitation only.

Choose Your Program

We know that you're busy. Between work, family and the leisure activities you enjoy, time is of the essence. That's why we can offer different programs to fit your needs and schedule. We have a Whole House Quarterly Service to include service to the interior, exterior, attic, crawl space and a five foot exterior of your home. However, if you prefer we can offer our Exterior Quarterly Service which includes the exterior and crawl space, no phone tag, no appointments, just good thorough service with the emphasis on convenience. Call and a friendly Borden representative will explain both programs.