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For those plagued by infestations, who have suffered expensive structural damage, will be glad to know that there have been advances in termite control. For termite control in Georgia and termite control in South Carolina, residents know where to turn when hungry termites start swarming and unprotected structures are at risk. Borden's exclusive B9 termite control program helps build a protective zone around your home, putting an end to termite migration and making termites benign. Incase of a recurring threat to your home, termite control GeorgiaBorden will be the first to know with their early warning technology that is put in place at the time of the treatment and monitored. You cannot get a better termite control treatment than B9. Ask about Borden's iron-clad guarantee to terminate termites!

Termite Control is Essential

Statistics indicate that termites cause more than $5 billion worth of damage each year in the United States. That's more than is caused by all fires and storms combined - earthquakes as well. What's more, termites are almost everywhere. Although they are more of a problem in the South, they are found in every state except Alaska.

They're all right, in their place. In their natural habitat, the forest, termites contribute to the balance of nature by breaking down dead wood and returning it to the soil. The trouble is, when we encroach on their territory, the lumber in our homes is just as appetizing to them as trees are. You seldom see termites. As the name implies, subterranean termites live in colonies underground. The worker termite is completely blind and never sleeps. His only job is collecting food to feed to the queens, kings, soldiers and newly hatched young. They build tubes or tunnels to cross open areas so you never see them. But the tunnels from ground to joist or across the foundation are a sure sign of termites.

The damage is concealed until it is too late. Termites don't work in the light or air. Usually they eat inside of a beam or rafter. So you could have a piece of wood that looks sound, but is virtually hollow inside.

There have been many innovations in termite control. For the best termite control in Georgia and South Carolina residents can spare themselves the expense of repairing structural damage by calling Borden Pest Control today. We invite homeowners to give us a call and we’ll efficiently and cost-effectively provide peace of mind and freedom from future termite damage to their major investment, their homes.

The Termite Invasion

Termites can penetrate any type of house construction, be it slab, crawl space or basement type. They can enter through openings and cracks as small as 1/64". And where they can’t enter foundations, they build their mud tunnels up the side to get to the wood. The best way to stop termites is with a Borden B9 Termite Control Treatment. Here’s what to look for:

  • Cracks in slabs are ideal ways for termites to get to interior walls in a house.
  • Quite often there's plenty of room around drain and water pipes to allow entry. Mud tunnels often follow pipes to upper floors.
  • Termites find their way through slab joints, between slab or foundation and footing, and under sill plates.
  • Hollow block foundations, piers or supports also can permit termites to enter unseen.
  • Dirt crawl spaces are ideal for termites because they can build their tunnels up the interior side of the foundation with slight detection.
  • Termites have even been known to follow ductwork to remote parts of the house.

There has been much progress made in the war on termite control. If you require termite control in Georgia or South Carolina, residents are fortunate to have Borden Termite Control services a phone call away. Use our form to request an appointment or contact us today to learn how an ounce of prevention can save expense and heartache later! Call us today!

The Termite Control Solution: Borden B9

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