Borden B Green Eco-Friendly Services

Borden’s Next Generation of Pest Control is the Safe Solution

Some home and business owners will avoid calling an exterminator due to concerns about the toxins used in numerous pest control products. They would rather accept an invasion of vermin and/or insects that will damage their property and risk their family’s health. Others believe that vermin and other pests are just part of the territory, and that routine applications of over-the-counter products from the big box stores will do the trick. The fact is that most products and procedures that Borden’s professional exterminators use leave a minimal impact, and are highly effective in controlling pest problems. Our newest exterminating tool, B-Green, safely and effectively controls insects and vermin without negative impact to the environment, or to your loved ones.

Yet, some people either do not yet know about Borden’s environmentally-conscious approach to exterminating, or refuse to believe that they have a pest or vermin issue. For example, cockroaches, mice and other vermin are among the most common pests in Georgia and South Carolina. Did you know that these creatures present very real health hazards to humans? They transmit serious diseases and vermin also cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. In addition, by the time one is spotted, there may be considerably more inside the walls, attic, and basement regions. Call Borden for a solution that is highly effective, humane and affordable!

Call Borden for Pest Control That’s Safe and Effective

Now Borden has a new tool in its arsenal against unwanted home and business invaders. Borden is proud to introduce the next generation of pest control, B-Green. B-Green is a targeted treatment that routs pests. It is eco-smart for use in your home and business environments and will not impact persons, pets, or landscaping.

No more excuses! There is no need to live with bugs, vermin, and/or animal invaders on your premises. Why risk diminishing the value of your home, office, or warehouse and its contents as well as challenge the health of its occupants? Borden’s Eco-Friendly Pest Control System will rout your home or business invaders, or we’ll come back and retreat the condition -FREE!  Since 1960 we have been a family-run and family-owned business. Borden understands the desire to keep your property and family safe. Call us today at (803) 764-3476, or click here to schedule an appointment.